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Movie description: Pussy espanola. Rose Monroe and Toni Ribas are out for their anniversary dinner, but one rude waiter is doing his most excellent to ruin their magical evening. The 2 lovebirds aren't about to let one annoying server get over here the way of their huge night, so Rose, lustful wench that she's, starts jerking Toni off below the table. The rude waiter is shocked when this chab finally notices, but the horny pair is hardly about to let that stop 'em. Toni clears everything off of the table so he can eat a little of Rose's moist pussy as an appetizer, clearing out the restaurant one time and for all, and then Rose returns the favour, giving him a worthy sloppy irrumation. Finally it is time for the main course: one plump 10-pounder for the lady, and an supplementary taut serving of pussy espaniola for the gentleman!