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Movie description: Spread it. Sabrina and Shae have been bff's forever. They shared many things over the years, but there was one secret that Shae was keeping from Sabrina. And that secret was her undying love for fur pie. Sure that babe drilled dudes and dated 'em, but the alluring pink allure of a cute smelling pussy always got Shae going hot. The time had finally come to make her move on her Sabrina. She knew it was risky, but if there was one pink spot she wanted greater quantity than any others, it was Sabrina's hidden sweet spot. So Shae invited her bff over to swim and decided to just go for it. She complimented Sabrina, as always, but then asked if she could take off her top. Sabrina did not hesitate and allowed Shae to strip her. What followed was each stud's dream and every lesbo's truth. Do not miss those 2 nice-looking, bi raunchy, pink-lipped ladies slurp, kiss, spit, finger and thong fuck one some other into total, wild, female orgasmic bliss.